Where’s the Best European-Language Workforce?

Effective communication with customers in their native language has become increasingly important in customer support sourcing decisions. That’s why over the past decade the demand for speakers of European languages has increased dramatically. While nearshore European countries can be leveraged for services delivery, there can be some potential business tradeoffs (e.g., higher cost of operations). Today, European language speakers are globally spread, and, hence, organizations need not limit themselves to Europe for services delivery in European languages.


Everest Group’s new handbook—A World of Words: Examining the Spread of European Languages Across the Globe—is designed to help organizations identify suitable locations for delivering services in European languages. The handbook assesses the relative attractiveness of 23 key locations in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America, based on their ability to deliver services in each of eight European languages. The assessments take into consideration language scalability potential, language proficiency, salary premium over English, proportion of locals vs. expats, and operating and business environments.

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