Unleashing the Power of AI for Business Transformation

Though enterprises across industries understand AI’s possibilities and potential in driving business transformation, they struggle to efficiently implement and scale AI adoption. Often, this gap results from their traditional mindset of considering AI implementation to be a technology project.

Enterprises must understand the role and significance of each enterprise pillar (people, processes, and technology) and the need for all three to come together to capture and embrace AI’s benefits. Softer aspects such as organizational change management, data and AI literacy, and interdisciplinary collaboration are as important to scaling AI as selecting the right technology architecture or machine learning platform.

Cloud vendors and global service providers are helping enterprises realize their AI visions by providing fit-for-purpose strategic technologies, as well as consulting expertise, for their AI journeys. Leading enterprises are extensively capitalizing on the expertise of these ecosystem vendors to augment their internal capabilities and stay ahead of the curve in the era of AI industrialization.

In this report, we elaborate on the need for enterprises to fundamentally rethink their people, processes, and technology pillars to achieve sustained and scalable business outcomes from their AI initiatives.

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