The Next Era in Talent Management: Leveraging a Once-in-a-Lifetime Strategic Shift

COVID-19 significantly disrupted lives, businesses, and how work is executed. As we slowly emerge from the pandemic, businesses are facing an unprecedented talent management challenge characterized by an unparalleled supply-demand mismatch, the great resignation, and rising salaries/wages. These challenges have put the spotlight on contingent talent or the extended workforce, which is emerging as the next frontier for disruption and innovation.

Today, organizations are applying a more strategic lens to contingent talent acquisition and management, and the focus on talent is the most distinguishing aspect of this change. Consequently, organizations need to provide their contingent talent with a superior consumer-oriented and permanent-employee-type experience and empower them through focused talent acquisition, engagement, and management initiatives.

In this report, Everest Group explores the key disruption/innovation levers shaping the contingent workforce of tomorrow, using our 5Es (Empower, Evolve, Enhance, Elevate, and Embrace) framework,  and we offer our views on talent management scenarios of the future.

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