The most important CX trends to focus on in 2023

Quantanite recently published an ebook looking at our 2023 predictions for customer service and the broader customer experience (CX). What I really liked about our ebook is that it didn’t offer up the same old tired ‘predictions’ we see in many of the business and technology magazines. Anyone can say that Artificial Intelligence is going to be important next year – through the combined input of our leadership team, and direct feedback from our hypergrowth clients, our ideas have some more detailed thoughts and arguments to support them.

The ebook details five key trends that we believe will be shaping CX in 2023. I want to summarise them here, but if you follow the link at the end of this blog then you can access the full version – which naturally goes into more detail.

How To Manage The Downturn

This might not be an obvious one. Facing a potential recession affects everyone at all levels in all companies – why does it specifically affect CX? The ebook explores how you can get your business in better shape, preparing for a possible recession, and how this can build a more agile organisation that is ready to grow quickly when the economy recovers. We explore how to improve CX efficiency, how to get closer to what customers really want, and also how to reposition CX and your customer service function as a valuable part of the business – rather than just a necessary cost.

How To Build Greater Resilience

Covid destroyed many companies. Take a look around at how many service and hospitality companies couldn’t survive the prolonged loss of revenue. Even now, there are some industries that will take years to recover – some may require another 3 years to get back to pre-pandemic levels. Building greater resilience, especially in brand-to-customer engagement will be a priority for many companies so future shocks are not as disastrous.

How To Handle Hypergrowth

We are facing choppy waters in many major economies at present, including the US and across Europe. Uncertain times create more innovation as companies are forced to try out new ideas and entrepreneurs identify market niches – it may seem strange, but an economic downturn usually creates more startup activity. Therefore it is likely that many new companies will need help managing their customers as they hit a period of hypergrowth – it can be hard to scale up from answering the phones internally to requiring a CX partner. The trick is to find a partner that knows all about hypergrowth.

How To Handle Employee Wellbeing

Employees became used to greater flexibility during the pandemic. They want to retain more control over their time. Attrition is a major cost and can prevent teams from ever becoming genuine experts because they never build enough experience. Holding on to your team is becoming more important than ever as smart people with CX experience are in demand.

How To Be Ready For The Metaverse

It’s the hot topic that everyone is talking about, but it remains hard to find any examples of real companies actually engaging with their customers in this way. However, there are some important changes coming soon – such as metaverse without the need for Virtual Reality – and this could be the catalyst that makes it take off. Will you be ready or will it be a repeat of the time when company leaders were all scrambling to buy their company name as a URL?

To read Quantanite’s complete ebook focused on the CX trends we believe will shape 2023, click here and download your copy.

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