Strategies for effective hybrid working

As the UK moves into the post-pandemic period, CX decision-makers are under pressure as never before to meet and exceed consumer demands.

This trend is omnipresent across the British economy. It is made even more difficult by the shift in customer management operating models over the past 18 months. The move to a more virtualized delivery platform took many decision-makers by surprise and has become a structural part of how service is delivered to customers across the UK.

In this context, Ryan Advisory and Sensée brought together a dozen executives from across the vertical spectrum to forecast the direction of remote customer management as the country emerges from the COVID19 pandemic.

The themes that were discussed ranged from operational transformation to agent management. However, all panelists pointed to significant disruption in UK customer management and, amid these changes, no enterprise can expect a business-as-usual approach to CX moving forward.

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