Everest Group’s 2020 enterprise key issues in Global Sourcing: Setting course when uncertainty rules supreme

While 2020 has been challenging on multiple fronts, many organizations have seen the positive side, taking on the challenge to recalibrate for resiliency, to thrive through the continuing pandemic and emerge better prepared for future crises. As part of our annual Key Issues research, we explored how leading global organizations are putting 2020 behind them and planning to develop resiliency in 2021 and beyond. Our research highlights organizations’ growth sentiments, key priorities, challenges, and initiatives from a global sourcing perspective.

Our global services market Key Issues research is based on annual surveys that capture the pulse of the market on key aspects of the global sourcing industry. This year, as every year, we conducted a survey in October and November with senior stakeholders from global enterprises, across multiple departments such as procurement, IT, and Global Business Services (GBS) to understand their thoughts as they undertook planning for 2021.

In this recent webinar, Everest Group’s Michel Janssen and Eric Simonson present common sentiments as identified in that research and provide breakdowns around five market convictions. In addition, this webinar covers:

  • Leading implications for enterprises engaged with service providers and key value propositions to consider for both insourcing and outsourcing
  • Potential enterprise adjustments around service provider portfolio consolidation, deal size, and value realization

Download the webinar deck and view the video

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