Collapsing the Supply Chain: Top 14 Start-ups redefining real-time transportation visibility

Traditional methods of engaging with the supply chain have led to many challenges across the entire Supply Chain Management (SCM) value chain, and the pandemic has exposed various vulnerabilities, such as remote work mismanagement and single-source dependencies, uncovering more hidden costs and logistical challenges.

Everest Group believes that visibility into transportation management processes can enhance operational efficiency, improve risk management, and reduce time-to-market. Real-time transportation visibility is an emerging technology that provides up-to-date location and status updates for supply chain assets.

Many start-ups have emerged in recent years to aid real-time transportation visibility, proposing innovative solutions to provide better end-to-end tracking and asset monitoring. The function’s growing importance has driven capital infusion and acquisitions.

This Everest Group assessment is based on primary and secondary research and our ongoing tracking of the SCM landscape. Starting with 64 start-ups, we analyzed each company’s vision and strategy, technological capabilities, market success, and investor confidence, and ultimately narrowed the field to a shortlist of the 14 trailblazers profiled here.

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