Business Process Services (BPS) 4.0: Heralding the Start of a New Era

Like most industries around the world, BPS was hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. The industry’s initial response to the unprecedented disruption was concern about supply-side constraints impacting services fulfillment and quality levels. But worries were soon allayed by BPS organizations’ clear commitment and expertise and their broadly successful ongoing service delivery effort. The industry swiftly adapted to the Work From Home (WFH) delivery model, ably fulfilled services, and resolutely maintained service quality levels.

The silver lining to the pandemic? The COVID-19-induced crisis paved the way for the industry’s evolution to BPS 4.0 – more dynamic, reliable, and significantly more agile in driving and addressing next-generation client needs. To fully transition to BPS 4.0, industry stakeholders will increase the use of current levers and leverage new ones that emerged in response to the crisis.

In this joint Everest Group / NASSCOM study, we define BPS 4.0 and its value proposition and recommend ways for industry stakeholders to effectively capture its value.


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