An evolving digital workforce to assist humans

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been among the fastest growing markets in the enterprise automation segment in the past decade, with wide adoption across industries and geographies, as more enterprises become aware of its benefits.

It has been a key enabler for organizations in reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and quality, increasing workforce productivity, enhancing customer and employee experience, and realizing quicker time-to-value. Encouraged by a growing number of success stories and positive word of mouth, many enterprises, Global Business Services (GBS) organizations, and service providers are investing in RPA.

As a result, RPA itself is a burgeoning market, rapidly evolving in terms of product features, deployment options, product architecture, training and support, partner ecosystem, and commercial models. Thus, investing in RPA is not enough – selecting the right enterprise-grade RPA technology partner is critical to success.

This research provides RPA buyers, software vendors, and third-party enablers (service providers, system integrators, etc.) a detailed view of the current state of the market and analyzes it across various dimensions, including market size and adoption trends, buyer expectations, key barriers to RPA adoption and best practices, solution characteristics, product capabilities & trends, RPA vendor landscape, and outlook for 2021-22.

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