A 360-degree View of Enterprise Automation

Everest Group’s 360-degree Enterprise Automation Playbook empowers enterprises with practical advice and guidance on how Intelligent Automation (IA) can help them develop a connected business ecosystem by enhancing experiences across multiple touchpoints for customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and regulators. It provides use cases, enterprise case studies, and, more importantly, the path to achieve dramatic business impact by adopting a 360-degree approach to leveraging digital levers, reimagining processes, and reshaping stakeholder experiences.

At the time of this playbook’s publishing, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into an unprecedented crisis, stress-testing organizations’ business continuity plans. The importance of automation is significantly amplified in this crisis, and organizations are looking to accelerate their automation journeys to make their business models more scalable and resilient to pandemic-like situations. Taking a 360-degree view becomes even more critical to ensure that key stakeholder groups are considered as enterprises redefine their business models.

This playbook complements Everest Group’s previously published Smart RPA Playbook, which provides enterprises with winning strategies to achieve best-in-class business outcomes from their automation investments.

This report includes:

  • An introduction to 360-degree enterprise automation
  • Details on stakeholder journey experience management – leveraging digital to reimagine stakeholder touchpoints and experiences
  • Key steps to reimagine stakeholder experiences and develop a connected business ecosystem
  • An approach to taking a 360-degree view, using the example of the order management and fulfillment process
  • Enterprise case studies
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