6 Key Considerations to Future-Proof Your Outsourcing Portfolio | Webinar Deck and Replay

With the impact of COVID-19 still threatening the economy, business leaders are facing pressure from every direction. An increase in long-term Work From Home (WFH) roles, the need for a business continuity plan (BCP) that is resilient and cross-location, the urgency of automation, and mounting cost challenges are only a few of the pressures business leaders face.

At this point, a reevaluation of your outsourcing portfolio and location strategy to ensure the business is future-ready is absolutely essential.

In this webinar, Everest Group business leads, Jimit Arora, Amy Fong, and Michel Janssen answer the following questions:

  • What options should you consider as part of your outsourcing locations strategy and provider portfolio considering the shifting environment?
  • What strategic decisions should you make to move forward right now and over the longer term?
  • How are service providers and your peers tackling the challenges of long-term WFH?

Download the webinar deck and view the video

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