5 Success-driving Actions: How to Manage Extreme Outsourcing Pricing

Outsourcing services have transformed profoundly as a result of the pandemic; evolving client needs and operating models; the advent of new technologies such as digital, artificial intelligence, and machine learning; and, most recently, a severe talent shortage.

These forces have driven rates up across the services industry – outsourcing contracts signed as recently as early 2021 may already be misaligned with market realities.

Everest Group’s February 2022 webinar explored five pricing actions enterprises should take now to attain value without breaking the bank. In the session, our pricing experts answered the following questions:

  • What are the recent pricing trends, and what is the future pricing outlook?
  • Should enterprises hold firm for lower prices or give in to vendors’ higher rates?
  • What levers can enterprises pull to stay within their overall IT or Business Services budgets?


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