Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs): The key to effectively upskilling and reskilling talent

With rampant talent shortages and rapid advances in technology, organizations across the globe are feeling the urgency to upskill and reskill their workforces at scale. However, as they undertake this significant challenge, they are realizing that their traditional learning systems are inadequate to address evolving demands, given outdated and non-engaging user interfaces, a lack of flexibility and integration capabilities, a push-based strategy to learning, the absence of smart search functionality, and limited insights and reporting.

To address these enterprise challenges, providers have created Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs)—user-centric L&D software that consolidates content from diverse sources and provides a personalized learning experience to users/learners. LXPs make learning more engaging and accessible for employees, while also helping enterprises address skill gaps and prepare their workforces for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

In this research, Everest Group provides an overview of the LXP market, including its features, key use cases, and the vendor landscape. We also highlight why organizations need LXPs and how LXPs can help them meet new learning mandates in an ever-changing world.

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