Humanising the Customer Journey


When last did you share an insightful conversation with a bot? Chances are never, yes, they are powerful tools for increased business efficiency, integration, and data management but they lack a human touch. Even the most digitally transformed companies will always have to invest in human resources. In fact, achieving optimum customer satisfaction takes a perfect balance of skilled employees, optimised processes, and quality technology.

Attracting and absorbing the right talent is important, but the road to quality customer engagement doesn’t end here. There is a crucial role that training, and quality assurance play once you have the right people, processes and software.

What use is an excellent contact centre agent if they fail to understand the company’s brand, customers and CX processes? Agents must be transformed into brand experts and ambassadors who can successfully analyse consumer interaction and engage with customers.

There is no such thing as a single method but some of the magic lies within a few key concepts when tackling quality assurance.

Assessing quality is not only listening for compliance and coaching interventions but key themes and insights that can help redesign process, improve training content, identify systems that can empower agents. It’s all about insights!

Training our agents, is about empowering them with the knowledge of products, process and technology that allows them to deliver an exception customer experience every time. Build in lots of time for role playing and strictly assess performance before graduating to an incubator.

The critical period of incubation, allows agent to put their knowledge and skills to the test while heavily supported by coaches. Their time in incubation allows for focused coaching and reskilling for a period of time ensuring that when these agents graduate into their teams they are exceeding the KPI’s on the campaign.

Re-enforce and celebrate the achievements using digital platforms with short posts of info that empower them each day to do their job even better.

Exceptional QA ensures a consistent level of service is maintained throughout your business, long-term. This is key for performance management of companies, their digital processes, and employees, specifically those linked to customer satisfaction.

Make sure you implement a training and QA process that’s easily applicable, digitally transferrable to all employees, aligns with business goals, measurable metrics and a continuity plan to ensure your organisation is always listening to your customers and applying those learnings internally.

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