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Vidya Ravichandran President and Founder Vidya Ravichandran is the Founder and President of GlowTouch, a global customer care business process outsourcing (BPO) enterprise that offers contact center, back office, and technology outsourcing solutions. In her leadership role, Vidya is devoted to four complimentary vocations: adding value to her clients’ bottom line; enhancing their customers’ experiences; providing her employees with a workplace where they will thrive; and supporting her local and international communities. She manages all four endeavors with a “People First” mindset. In addition to steering GlowTouch, Vidya is deeply committed to several ethical, enduring philanthropic causes and non-profit boards in education and the arts. She is a fierce advocate for STEM education, especially for women, and cares deeply about inequity in access to opportunities for women and minorities. Vidya was appointed by the Governor of Kentucky to serve on the Council for Post-Secondary Education, where she is striving to improve the pipeline of educational and career opportunities for all Kentuckians, irrespective of their backgrounds. Vidya and her family are involved in supporting various charities around the world through the GT Foundation. Its mission is to provide economically challenged families access to quality health services, educational assistance, and employment opportunities; and to promote arts and culture to improve the social, cultural, and economic foundations of society. The Foundation supports and expands various impactful community programs in India and the U.S.

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