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Anne Bibb is a recognized remote/hybrid work and customer experience expert. A big picture thinker with proven experience driving operational excellence and consistency regardless of employee location, Anne looks between the lines and numbers to challenge the status quo and lead with the view to “think different,” challenge the old and find the new normal. Anne uses her eclectic background to be a thought leader for change in the EX & CX industry through her advisory and consulting firm Remote Evolution, and its subsidiary CX Evolution. She has worked with organizations within nearly every industry helping them implement remote work presence across more than 20 countries. She focuses on the total experience by tying together employee (EX), user (UX), multi- (MX) and customer experience (CX) for a holistic total experience (TX) map. Noted by clients and employees as an inspirational and transformational leader, Anne has worked to understand and identify the capabilities of each individual person and build strong collaborative teams, placing integrity, employee experience and customer experience front and center of overall vision. One of her largest assets is having the courage to challenge the conventional, as well as relying on informed intuition, and instinct for what works. Utilizing these skills, she brings a proven record of successfully designing and implementing employee experience, customer experience, and operational strategy, growth strategy, and new business strategy at a global level to increase revenue, increase client retention, improve performance, and exceed corporate growth forecasts for an overall positive impact from a financial management perspective. In addition to over a hundred webinars and in person events over the last decade, Anne has written dozens of blogs regarding remote work, EX, CX, and TX. She advises outsourcers, major organizations, contact centers, and industry associations on important matters such as remote and hybrid work as well as best practices in setting up their sales, customer success, onboarding, and service delivery - all with an eye toward EX and CX.

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