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Success is fueling robot growth

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology vendor market has experienced an eye-popping 64% growth over the past year or so, according to recent Everest Group research, with more growth yet to come. Success of pilot programs and initial-phase deployments, coupled with technology advances, are expected to drive accelerating growth through…

Is onshore taking the lead?

The outsourcing market in the UK is rapidly changing. Only a few years ago, outsourcing more or less equalled offshoring. Yet, out of the £6.6bn worth of outsourcing deals struck in 2015, 90% involved services being delivered onshore in the UK – with half being awarded to new local operators.

Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Here’s an important date for your diary – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Verizon’s Head Office in Reading. If there is only one event you attend this year make it COCCO – the Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations.

NHS under fire for sourcing issue

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has received yet more criticism for its sourcing policies, which critics sometimes see as privatisation by the back door. A report in the Financial Times – for which registration is required, so here’s a link to the Independent’s coverage instead – suggests that £901m of the cash reserved by [...]

Brexit and sourcing

In case anybody hadn’t noticed (and we get that this is a story mostly of interest to British and European readers) the UK prime minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty yesterday, which means Brexit negotiations can start. The whys, wherefores and complexities are admirably covered elsewhere. What’s going to be interesting [...]

Rise of the robots inspiring fear

Capita Resourcing has published a report, titled “Workplace More Human”, which suggests that robotics is having a negative impact on working people. Not that the business benefits are in doubt, but the social impact is being felt. Overall the 203 people at director level of companies employing 250 or more and the 1000 employees contacted [...]

17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

With six key topics ranging from automation, team development, creating a powerful GBS model and all the way up to creating a continuous improvement culture – The powerful SS&O Week Europe 2017 agenda not only is quality-driven and customised to the attendees but also ensures networking opportunities to allow interaction with experts across the whole [...]

Blog: The editor baffles an IP lawyer

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