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Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Here’s an important date for your diary – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Verizon’s Head Office in Reading. If there is only one event you attend this year make it COCCO – the Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations.

NHS outsourcing is not the complete answer

The National Health Executive website is carrying an article that suggests outsourcing functions is not going to cure everything about the health service in terms of its funding crisis. It also draws an important distinction: that outsourcing is not, and has never been intended as, a route to privatising the NHS in the UK.

AON pulls out of benefits outsourcing, sells to Blackstone

Insurance broker Aon plc announced at the end of last week that it’s selling its employee benefits outsourcing operation to private equity firm Blackstone. The deal is valued at up to $4.8bn, structured as $4.3bn up front and the remainder dependent on performance.

Test automation is booming

Robotics is an increasingly important area in sourcing and it’s growing in testing as well as in Professional Outsourcing Magazine’s traditional BPO and contact centre areas. The findings come from Wipro, which has found an 85 per cent jump in test automation across industries to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape.

Democrats push anti-outsourcing agenda

Among the coverage of president Trump and his anti-offshoring agenda it’s important to remember that the Democrats want to bring jobs back to America as well – as the Detroit News illustrates with a story about Sen. Gary Peters (Democrat) introducing a bill that would make large companies more accountable.

17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

With six key topics ranging from automation, team development, creating a powerful GBS model and all the way up to creating a continuous improvement culture – The powerful SS&O Week Europe 2017 agenda not only is quality-driven and customised to the attendees but also ensures networking opportunities to allow interaction with experts across the whole [...]

Outsourcing World Summit 2017

How we think, do business, interact, learn and go about our day-to-day has changed. Disruption has displaced our industry and is producing new and more efficient businesses, services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. How do you make sure you’re making the most of these new [...]

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