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Verizon strike as election turns outsourcing toxic

The impact of the “o” word in the US (that’s “outsourcing” in English) became more apparent yesterday as Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia went on strike, reports Fortune Magazine. The workers and their unions are saying they can’t accept the organisation’s plans to outsource their jobs nor the timescale being put forward for job [...]

Outsourcing IT – 5 Trends In 2016 and Solutions Designed by Comarch ICT To Face Them

The first quarter of 2016 year is almost over. Since December, we have seen a lot of predictions and trend articles for 2016. Now we try to show how Comarch ICT responds to the new challenges. What is offered in response to the growing range of cloud services? How to reconcile the IoT and data [...]

Moving Beyond the Customer Experience

Have we moved beyond the term CX to describe Customer Experience? I’m starting to think that 2016 is surely the last year when we can keep on talking credibly about CX without acknowledging how the interaction between brand and customer has really changed in the past few years.

Viewpoint on vested sourcing

“Vested sourcing” is becoming big business. It’s basically the process in which both parties in an outsourcing agreement win, which we thought was just competent outsourcing (who’d willingly go into a deal in which there were outright losers?) but apparently it’s a thing.

NOA launches public sector survey

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) will stage its first Public Sector day in just under a couple of weeks on 25 April; it’s undertaking some research before then to kickstart the event. The idea is to ask the outsourcing industry itself how successful it believes public sector engagements are, says Sourcing Focus.

Best Practices for Modern Finance

You are invited to register and attend the Financial Innovation and Best Practices Seminar in London, UK on Tuesday, May 17, hosted by BlackLine and featuring research from The Hackett Group.

Wall Street Tech Conference

The Wall Street Tech Conference is an exclusive, intimate and innovative technology forum, created to help CIOs, CTOs, tech sourcing executives and business leaders across the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries find new resources and build relationships.

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