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Is outsourcing falling from favour?

The Guardian is running an article on how outsourcing vital services is becoming less appealing for local authorities in the UK. It cites a report that suggests one reason a flood recovery operation was a success last year was that previously the local council had decided to take the service back in house after outsourcing [...]

How long can this go on?

Outsourcing is known for delivering more benefits for less money – but CIO Magazine has published a piece querying, quite justifiably, how long this can continue to be the case. The principle is that the deals are getting shorter in terms of duration and smaller in terms of value to the outsourcing partner, so the [...]

Civil Service defends outsourcing policies

The Register is reporting on a meeting at which the UK chief executive of the Civil Service, John Manzoni, has defended the decisions taken to outsource a lot of functions 15 years ago. The way the Reg tells it, Manzoni thinks it was right 15 years ago because everyone was doing it but now we [...]

Trump continues onslaught on outsourcing

Arch-outsourcer Donald Trump continues to make capital out of attacking the outsourcing industry. As the results from Super Tuesday confirm that he is more likely than anyone else to become the Republican candidate for the most powerful job in the world, he used the run-up to attack India for taking away American jobs, according to [...]

How To Reconcile Supplier Statements

Why we reconcile vendor statements was discussed in my previous article. While the benefits may be appealing, it can be an onerous task to match thousands of supplier invoices and other documents every month. Manual matching of statements may involve much printing and ticking, or system downloads and manipulation to produce many disparate Excel spreadsheets.

GMB objects to Tata’s BA services

The award for “most loaded headline of the year” has to go to The Register (not for the first time) with this story about a protest about outsourcing. By any standards, “British Airways, IT staff job cuts, an outsourcing company, you get the picture…” is loaded in the extreme.

Shared Services Leaders’ Summit

The Shared Services Leaders’ Summit taking place on 15-17 March in London will unite over 130 senior shared services professionals. The programme features presentations from Lufthansa, Citi Group, BAE Systems, Royal Dutch Shell, Arla Foods and many more. The summit also contains dedicated pre-conference Learning Labs on 15th March.

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