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Trump’s government moves to “end outsourcing”

OK, we get that we’ve been talking about the new president of the US for quite some time now, what with his downer on outsourcing and all. But it’s now come to an Act called the “End Outsourcing Act” according to Sourcing Focus and this is starting to get a bit silly.

SSON 2017 State of the Shared Services Industry Global Report

The past two years have been full of dramatic headlines foretelling the end of Shared Services as we know it. A new “digital” workforce, we’ve been told, will be running much of the show. The reality is that the fundamentals of Shared Services – providing cost-effective, reliable support to the business – still count.

Customer service is the UK’s biggest sector

Arvato has released its UK Sourcing Index and it appears that contact centres, particularly when looking at customer service, was the biggest sector in 2016. It accounted for 17 per cent of the deals the company examines, and a major facet of the statistics was that only four per cent of the deals in question [...]

Outsource your software development

Forbes is carrying a useful piece on how to ensure your software outsourcing goes well. The author has seen software outsourcing happen at the expense of quality and fairly clearly doesn’t want the same thing to happen to readers. It’s worth a read and we wouldn’t want just to repeat what someone else has said.

Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations

Here’s an important date for your diary – Wednesday June 14, 2017 at Verizon’s Head Office in Reading. If there is only one event you attend this year make it COCCO – the Conference for Outsourcing Contact Centre Operations.

Outsourcing World Summit 2017

How we think, do business, interact, learn and go about our day-to-day has changed. Disruption has displaced our industry and is producing new and more efficient businesses, services that are better — less expensive and more creative, useful and impactful — and scalable. How do you make sure you’re making the most of these new [...]

17th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

With six key topics ranging from automation, team development, creating a powerful GBS model and all the way up to creating a continuous improvement culture – The powerful SS&O Week Europe 2017 agenda not only is quality-driven and customised to the attendees but also ensures networking opportunities to allow interaction with experts across the whole [...]

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