What’s next for CX?

Without question, the past nearly three years have strained the customer management outsourcing community like no other period of time.

The milestones over this period have been numerous and cataclysmic.  The Dunkirk-like shift from in-center delivery to remote-working was perhaps the most obvious example of this disruption, but no one should underestimate others that occurred during this period as well.  No part of CX was left untouched, whether it was new technologies, shifts in shoring models or the emphasis on employee well-being.

As we move into 2023, the pressure for outsourcers in the CX domain are immense.  The pressure on global labor markets means that hiring top-flight talent is a huge challenge, one that is only eclipsed in the retention of this same labor pool.  Fewer people than ever are seeking jobs, and in an industry that has historically suffered from recruitment issues, this means a tougher time than ever for outsourcers that are eager to staff workstations.

Then, there is the dynamic of how to manage the shift toward hybrid working, a model that demands the best of in-center and at-home delivery.  Being able to incorporate the best practices of both ways of delivering CX, alongside the need to accommodate different scheduling requirements of agents means increased stress for busy BPO managers. Getting hybrid right is table stakes; getting it wrong could be a disaster.

Finally, there remains the omnipresent threat of data protection and cyberattacks, which are two areas that have been top of mind for worried BPO providers in recent years.  This menace is only going to get worse, but ensuring robust protection is not only complicated for outsourcers, it is costly.

These three areas above are but a few of the ongoing elements that the outsourcing community needs to take into account as they seek to differentiate their respective CX offerings.  In a marketplace that has become increasingly generic in how solutions and services are positioned, standing out in the crowd has never been more important, yet for many it is a tough obstacle to overcome.

The insight provided in these pages will hopefully offer BPO readers the roadmap that they need to navigate the choppy waters of customer management, moving into 2023 and beyond.  Intelligent Sourcing, as always, is at the vanguard of these matters, and savvy executives need to read this publication attentively, so as not to miss their chance to distinguish themselves from the proverbial pack.

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