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Providing employment to very special contributors

Recruiting former members of the UK’s Armed Services is our way of supporting those prepared to put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf and give them a great opportunity to work once their military career is over.

We were invited to the Lord Lieutenant’s Presentation Event organised by the Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association last month and were thrilled to have the privilege of presenting our signed Covenant to the General Officer Scotland.

This document formalises the partnership that SYKES as an employer will have with the Armed Forces and “recognises the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to business and our country”.

Military personnel and their families make great sacrifices for the safety and defence of our society and we’re happy to support them as they endeavour to return to civilian occupations.

SYKES supports individuals and their families through the variety of means, channels and processes which are available to us.

The partnership is also of great value to SYKES, allowing us access to a pool of candidates with exceptional skills and attitudes relevant to the many current available positions and opportunities. This means we onboard top talent to support our clients’ strategic and operational goals.

Such social responsibility at SYKES also extends to offering employment packages that suit candidates who want to work full-time or part-time, or to work from home.

Top technology and communications enable us to operate outside the conventional contact centre and recruit members of staff wanting to work remotely from home – opening up career opportunities to those who live in remote locations, or to new parents or carers needing only part-time work.

Giving back to our communities is a facet of SYKES culture that we’re proud of, and supporting those that have been prepared to give is another key aspect of this.

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