CX Management | What Separate Leaders from Laggards

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Customer Experience management has become one of the hottest topics on the planet as enterprises vie for customer engagement. Enterprises are learning quickly that CXM can be a powerful and strategic lever for business success.

Those enterprises who are leading the pack in CX are surpassing peers in cost savings, operational impact and strategic impact. For example, CX leaders achieve cost-savings of around 12%, whereas their peers only achieve cost-savings of around 9% Customer Satisfaction scores are higher for leaders as well. Leaders are seeing improvements of 24% when engaging with providers, while peers only see a 9% improvement.

Even the way Pinnacle Enterprises engage with initiatives is different from peers, and starting to set some distance between leaders and laggards. For more information, be on the lookout for invitations to our November 15 webinar on this very issue.

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