Wipro announces deal with Alight Solutions

Indian outsourcing giant Wipro has proven once again that there is life in the traditional outsourcing market yet, whatever anyone wants to say about automation pretty much demolishing it.

This time, according to Moneycontrol and numerous other sites, it’s set up a partnership with worldwide HR specialist Alight S0lutions. Neither company has commented publicly on the value of the partnership but we’re guessing there’s a clue as to the scale in the word “worldwide”.

Alight is based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and the deal is said to be a long-term arrangement. The new client is a cloud-based HR and financial services provider, and Wipro will now provide the services in India after regulatory red tape has been addressed. Presuming this happens, this looks more like a licensing deal than a straight outsourcing arrangement and will expand the services Wipro can offer its clients.

From the Wipro side, Alight customers can presumably look forward to more in the way of analytics and data services than their provider was able to offer until now.

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