Will video improve your CX ratings?

A report from Netpromoter, summarised on Marketwatch and instigated by SundaySky, suggests that incorporating video into your customer experience will increase your Netpromoter rating.

This makes sense but before we all get too carried away with stats on video, it’s worth considering how, for example, LinkedIn measures success using the medium.

To rank on LinkedIn, you upload a video and watch your engagements and views increase dramatically compared to your text-only attempts. The difficulty arises when you realise that according to the small print, the network registers every impression of three seconds or more as a ‘view’.

That’s not a lot of time, so you don’t actually know how long people have actually watched. If they’re scrolling through their updates at average speed and their videos are autoplaying, they don’t have to be consciously playing the video you’ve made for them – it will still register as a view.

Nobody should doubt that Netpromoter knows what it’s doing and that its figures should be taken seriously as part of the marketing mix. But also take into account the effect the views are having – if it’s not building business, it may not be such a hot idea after all.

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