What does the C-suite prioritise?

Customer engagement is one of the most highly valued business functions for the C-suite and has firmly established itself as a board level issue, according to the latest research from Aspect Software. However, there is a recognition that no system is perfect, with several steps needed to be taken in order to improve the customer contact centre and subsequently bolster the overall customer experience.

The study from Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Aspect, surveyed 100 CxO professionals from organisations either based in the UK or with a UK operation, employing over 1,000 people. The research found that the C-suite views customer engagement as more important than increasing profit (75%), customer retention (72%), new customer on-boarding (71%) and business growth (66%). Further, while many other subjects fail to become a Board level issue, customer engagement has established itself as an important discussion topic. Customer engagement strategies are discussed at Board level in most of the respondents’ organisations, with it being a topic at Board meetings at least once a month for 60% of those surveyed.

However, while many see it as a great business tool that is giving them a competitive advantage, as cited by 83% of CxO professionals, only 32% of respondents agree with the statement that their customer service is “great” and that their customers are “very happy”, whereas 65% see areas for improvement within their current system.

The results also reveal that there is a wide disparity in thought regarding who is responsible for the implementation, development, and P&L statement for this area. The Chief Marketing Officer was seen as the most likely to be in charge of both the strategy, and the budget— being selected by 47% of respondents. This position was closely followed by the Chief Operating Officer (46%), then the Chief Executive Officer (42%) and Chief Information Officer (41%).

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