Webhelp opens up in Sweden

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Contact centre specialist is moving further into mainland Europe.

Contact centre company Webhelp is going to open a further office in Sweden, adding 60 jobs to its roster. The new office will be in Norrköping.

The company examined a number of potential locations before settling on its ultimate destination, with the closeness of the university being a prime consideration for sourcing talent.

The plan is to open the premises next month, and recruitment is happening right now. Terje Andreassen, CEO of Webhelp Nordic, said: “I’m excited to open a new office for Webhelp Nordic here in Norrköping. Our choice was Norrköping because of its central location, good communication opportunities and proximity to universities and colleges for cooperation on technology development. I look forward to welcoming new people to our refurbished office in Norrköping and to the Webhelp family, which already has approximately 1,800 people across the Nordic and Baltic countries.”

Pontus Lindblom, Business Director, Norrköping Municipality, added: “It is with great pride that we welcome Webhelp Nordic to Norrköping.We at the Business Office at Norrköping Municipality have had a contact with Webhelp Nordic for some time now and we are very pleased that this has become a reality. Webhelp Nordic is a new player spreading business and development opportunities in our city and region.”

Webhelp Nordic says it is is looking for people who are social, service oriented and who enjoy contact with customers. Other skills are an understanding of customer needs and a drive for new knowledge.

Recent Intelligent Sourcing (formerly Professional Outsourcing Magazine) events have suggested the role of the contact centre professional is changing, with empathy and problem-solving trumping the old-fashioned transaction-only face of “call centre” culture. Robotics is taking over increasingly and we’re anticipating a great deal more of that as technology evolves. The result will be the need for more sophisticated and intelligent personnel.

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