Volkswagen hires G3 for calls

Anyone who has ever had their car repaired, in other words anyone who has a car, will be used to the rigmarole of getting authentic parts – visit dealer, dealer calls authorised parts centre (TPS in the case of Volkswagen, the subject of this story), tells you it will be in on Tuesday.

Sometimes they even tell you this on a Tuesday.

Well, Volkswagen’s authorised parts supplier, TPS, has decided to up its contact centre game by engaging G3 for its contact centre operation. The seven-figure three-year deal gives TPS unprecedented visibility across its whole estate, allowing it to improve customer responsiveness, reduce call wastage, manage investment and increase overall service efficiency.

The project sees the overhaul of disparate systems implemented across its 82 Centres, providing company-wide interoperability for the first time. The new solution introduces unified communications functionality with the ability to collaborate across multiple channels and between sites. It also allows TPS to better understand how communications budgets are spent, as well as the ongoing productivity of each centre.

G3 Comms is deploying PureCloud from Genesys, the all-in-one contact centre solution hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Leanne Thomas, National Operations Manager at TPS, said: “From our first conversations with G3 Comms, it was clear that they understood what we wanted to achieve – better communications between our sites, improved overview of operations and, ultimately, a great experience for everyone who contacts us. Thanks to its fully integrated approach and delivery of functionality that will give us the insight we need to improve our operations, G3 Comms have proved the perfect partners.”

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