Ventrica expands in the UK

Contact centre specialist Ventrica has announced an investment into a UK operation in Southend, which will expand its workforce by 400 people.

The operation will mean it employs 800 people or more by the end of the decade, assuming all goes to plan (and so far there has been nothing to indicate otherwise). It has a similar contact centre facility close to the new one.

Dino Forte, founder and MD, commented: “The second centre forms part of our ongoing blueprint to develop and grow the company in a sustainable fashion whilst remaining ‘medium-sized’, a fundamental component of our on-going strategy to remain, agile, innovative and technically advanced.

“The additional space will emulate the same inspirational workplace that we’ve already created at our original contact centre,” he continued. “This will double our overall capacity as well as increase our overall resilience for customers.”

The aim is to keep most of the staff working on premise, although there will be some flexibility first for German speakers and also for speakers of the more difficult languages to source, such as Mandarin.

Contact Centres often tell us that they can’t disclose their clients’ names, then show us around the office where all the logos are clearly visible. We wouldn’t dream of actually looking at the logos and of course we would hope our readers would do no such thing when there’s a big picture of Ventrica’s contact centre accompanying this news item (OK, Ventrica also sent us a list of clients so it’s fine with this, but it does make us smile when someone says they can’t name a major phone manufacturing client whilst standing underneath a picture of an iPhone…)

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