US in Visa tussle

Well, couldn’t we all see this coming. The Mercury News is reporting a lawsuit against the US government which is cracking down on what it sees as abuse of the H-1B visa scheme.

Long-term readers will recall that this is an idea in America that allows someone to recruit someone from overseas, in reality this tends to mean India, when an American can’t be found to fill a particular niche. So it tends to be all about specialist positions.

And to the protectionist lobby it’s an open invitation to people who want to game the system and recruit people on grounds of cost rather than necessity.

So, a worker named Kartik Krishnamurthy had hoped to start working for outsourcing company Stellar Software Network, the authorities denied him a visa and now the company is complaining that this action was “arbitrary and capricious”. The suggestion is that the legislation has been used to target Indian workers disproportionately.

He has worked for the company for seven years. The authorities have declined to comment (it’s worth stressing that they’re under no obligation to conduct their business through the press, no matter how the magazines in question might behave sometimes).

Intelligent Sourcing will keep readers posted.

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