Trump’s presidency sees rapid offshoring

Whatever one’s view of president Trump, and he tends to attract extremes (we know nobody who shrugs and says ‘he’s OK’), his views are often painfully plain. For example, he had an America First policy and it was very strict. Anyone wanting the USA to back down on trade deals and soforth could back off.


According to this article from Cheatsheet nothing could be further from the outcome so far. Offshoring is accelerating, from the public sector to the private. The article has the numbers, we won’t repeat them here.

We’re not suggesting this is a matter of competence or even political expediency or dishonesty. Rather it’s a matter of reality biting. In no way could a president, no matter how powerful the rhetoric, stem what is rapidly becoming the tide of history. Offshoring saves money so businesses will use it to save their clients’ cash, and if the US government is a client (and has promised its citizens lower taxes) then offshoring it’s going to be.

In the near future it will be botshoring, in which robots (hardware or software) will start to get hold of the jobs. Dealing with this is going to take a leader with tact and intelligence.

We’ll just leave that statement there.

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