Trump creates AI initiative

US president Donald Trump has thrown his weight behind artificial intelligence, say reports in Cnet and elsewhere, with some caveats.

He launched what’s called the American AI Initiative, promoting the US as a world leader in the field as you’d expect and putting resources behind it. Crucially, however, he also urged help for people whose lifestyles and jobs are being changed beyond recognition by the new technology.

There will be extra priority given to developers in the AI field and moves towards international co-operation as long as the AI in question follows American values – interpreting that one is going to be fun. The move has no effect on the president’s wish to exclude Chinese infrastructure technology from the US in the longer term.

You don’t often see this news service agreeing with Donald Trump so enjoy this while it lasts – but if the US has been falling behind other countries in terms of AI then this, we believe, has to be a good move. What’s more the fact that there is this focus on people who are effectively being displaced by technology is, we believe, completely positive.

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