Toll Group’s Indian move shifts back office jobs

Australian logistics company Toll Group is moving its back office operation to India in a move that looks to establish a new IT centre in the country, presumably a captive or shared services centre that will eventually support operations worldwide (we admit that may be quite an assumption).

The interesting thing for us is the headline and subhead in the CIO magazine report. It’s clear enough; the heading says that 200 jobs are going to go away while the subhead admits that there will be 380 new jobs, if all goes according to plan, in Oz over the next couple of years. These will be as a direct result of the outsourcing move.

For us, the net gain of 180 jobs – which excludes the jobs relocated to India – is actually a pretty big story in its own right. And yet, funnily enough, it’s shunted further down the page.

You’d almost think someone was actively trying to suppress the notion that judicious outsourcing can actually create rather than destroy jobs. Of course nobody is going to claim that these will be identical positions, and people with the skills to match only the the current jobs and no ability, inclination or logistical likelihood of boosting their skills, are facing a career nightmare.

But describing a position in which you are building a net gain of 180 jobs as a 200-strong job loss seems to us to be less than wholly justified.

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