The Era of Platforms

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Evolution has led us to become who we are. There have been many cycles in this evolution, whether human or technical. What always amazes me is the breadth of it and the apparent randomness – then suddenly someone sees the pattern with hindsight and we understand how we got here.

Usually, people who prompt stages of evolution are the ones add something to our history. We might like or dislike them but there will be a strong impression. What is unique about all of them is a common thread, a thread of seeing and articulating the next big trend and getting there first.

Today we are living in the services era, and it feels like it’s reaching its final stages. Those who can follow the curve are saying: now is the time for next big thing. It’s intriguing to speculate about what that might be – we can see glimpses of first signs. Some of those signs have been gathered and interpreted by analysts, who may already have an inkling about the next era.

So, what’s next? What’s coming after Services era? The likelihood is that it will be the era of Automation, AI, Blockchain or something we haven’t imagined yet. But these are technologies, great things but they’re on the surface. It could be that the next sea-change will be more fundamental.

A number of hints suggest that we’re moving into the “platform era”. That might not sound too dramatic, but hold on. Take the term “Platform” to a more than just e-commerce platform or a banking platform; try to put “Platform” into another perspective and play with it.

Play with it and consider, for example, the changing “platform” around partnerships. Think for a second about the old behaviours, which involved competing – just winning, and winning for one side only. Now think instead of examples and success of a more modern collaborative platform approach in partnership in science, medicine, business, charities. That changed platform has opened up greater potential of the human mind, adding collaboration and creative energy to really add value to the world we live in.

This approach produces an amazing outcome in positive energy, building new solutions for challenges.

This isn’t just about business. You can put a collaborative platform wherever you need the mindset. If we need it in business let’s do it in business. Let’s do it through new platform for international partnerships, but let’s also forge a collaborative platform in education to build long term skills evolution for sustainable business growth. Let’s start it for the generation who will be doing work we haven’t yet conceived of.

Or maybe we should think about digital supply chain? The question is what will really make a difference there? It’s not going to be just one piece of software or an app. It will be a collaborative Platform which will address everything; technology, new ideas, solutions, efficiency, cost, investment, experience of end user and shared value.

It’s time to start thinking today. Think about your Platform which will make a difference in the field you are involved in and kick start creative thinking with collaboration.


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