The cloud’s main opponent: fear

An interesting piece in Computing, based on feedback from the publication’s dining club (note: other publication-based dining clubs are available and ours is definitely the best) the biggest barrier to cloud computing is the fear of failure from the IT decision makers.

You can see the logic. “Hey Georgia, you advised us to go into the cloud but our provider has just advised us that they’ve had a massive security breach. Can we use plan B instead? We do have a plan B..” is never going to play well.

There are things you can do to preserve a modicum of security in the cloud, of course. Containers is one approach. Private rather than public cloud will play better in many instances.

The Computing attendees are keen to stress being strategic, which is right but as a statement it’s a bit like saying “We would like to have an idea about that” as your stock answer to any problem. Personally, we’d start with two end points: the desired one and a worst case scenario in which damage is mitigated, and work our way backwards. Work out your divorce settlement first – then the marriage to a cloud partner is likely to be more successful in the longer term.

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