Tennessee ploughs on with sourcing plans

The State of Tennessee has pushed through with controversial sourcing plans, reports The Tennessean. It’s gone with an existing supplier, Chicago-based JLL, which already manages around ten per cent of the state’s activities.

It took around a year to make the appointment, which will cover college campuses, prisons and parks. Management of universities is not covered by the new deal.

Inevitably the unions are concerned about job security, and the wind appears to be in their direction as even the president looks to be pretty anti-outsourcing. However, this is more complex than some deals because it’s taking jobs from American workers and giving them to…American workers.

The newspaper’s coverage takes in both sides of the argument including some pretty stringent comment from the anti-outsourcing factions. The issue, if the thing were to be overturned, would be who’s going to break it to the Tennesseans that they’ll need to pay more in tax to cover a more extensive range of services.

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