Sweden to tighten outsourcing rules

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (pictured) has announced plans to tighten public sector outsourcing rules in his country, according to a report on Government Computing. This follows major security issues, on which Intelligent Sourcing reported last month.

According to the published report, the main strand of change will be the permissions people require for seeing and sharing information. It all follows the resignation of two ministers as per our previous story, which happened when an outsourcing company shared information it should not have.

Overall the action appears positive. You have to ask how strictures about information sharing weren’t in place before a contract was even considered, but the lesson appears to have been learned albeit at the expense of a couple of political careers.

The new legislation will take the form of a  Security Protection Act (SOU 2015: 25) which will cover all information whether it’s sensitive or not.

Like the British government’s recent announcements of its new penalties for people not looking after information, though, we can’t help but wonder how much of this would be covered by GDPR anyway…

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