Stockholm sourcing stuck

The last issue of Intelligent Sourcing this year will feature something on smart cities – and unfortunately we find that Stockholm has suffered a setback in the courts. Essentially, Norwegian company Evry had secured a deal to put the technology in place, but the Swedish court of appeal has decided this shouldn’t go ahead.

According to Computer Weekly, Finland-based Tieto appealed the contract immediately it was awarded elsewhere and this was how the case ended up in the court. The killer was a technicality; Swedish law states that every tender bid has to state who may represent the tendering group and Evry neglected to put this in. The court therefore ruled that the contract should not have been awarded in the way it was.

We’re torn about this. It seems odd that an important contract should be removed on what appears to be such a minor technicality on the one hand. On the other, as a test of assiduousness and an answer to the question “can you read instructions and are you going to pay attention to detail”, we’d have to say that not putting the right names in place might not bode well for future actions.

This is the second time Evry has lost the contract in court (this being the appeal). The company will now consider whether to push the appeal further.

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