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It’s August which means we must be gearing up to put the late September issue of Intelligent Sourcing magazine together. In preparation for this I’ve been speaking to Marc Penny (above) of SSCL, who’s been explaining how a newly-outsourced company comprising personnel from a number of government departments has outsourced the formal gathering of new ideas in his organisation.

He spoke about a great deal else, helpfully. How you take people from disparate public sector entities and turn them into a single private enterprise. He doesn’t gloss over the issues and the word “turmoil” certainly came into the conversation, as did “culture” and a lot of other things. When merging departments you don’t end up with a terribly neat match of people to jobs, nor do you always end up with a single over-arching culture unless you force it to happen.

SSCL has now put a lot of effort into its “innovation station” idea based on a platform from Wazoku, which acted more as a partner than a traditional supplier in putting it together. The requirement wasn’t just for a social media platform for the company but for something a lot more focused, through which genuine insights could be had.

There will be a lot more on this in the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing, which should be hitting your doormats (virtual or otherwise) in late September.

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