Spring issue 2019: Innovation-Are you making a difference?

For the first issue of 2019 Intelligent Sourcing’s focus is on innovation – what do we mean by it, what are the means of making it work, and should we look at our organizations in a different way to make it happen? Plus articles on intellectual property, fraud and all our regulars including the legal column, a look at Senegal and a glance at what’s been on the editor’s bookshelf.

Features from this issue include:

Orchestral manoeuvres

William Carson of Concentrix has a musical background and has always seen sourcing in terms of an orchestra. In this article he puts forward his orchestral model for the contact centre industry in which he has been a specialist for so long – and them applicability of the image is surprisingly consistent.


Modelling the change

Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee looks at the business models that can encourage innovation and allow it to succeed in the outsourcing industry. She argues that the models themselves are essential to allow changes to take root successfully and looks at how this can be made to work.


Analyst view

The Everest Group looks at the move to outcomes-based policies and how this is leading to innovation – as long as it’s shot through the entire organization.


On the Mark

Mark Hillary looks specifically at innovation in the customer experience sector and breaks it down into different elements.


Nic of time

Nicola Millard of BT is a firm believer in putting people at the heart of a business and this reflects in her approach to change.


Global view

Intelligent Sourcing’s resident globetrotter Peter Ryan has been visiting Senegal.

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