Sourcing and social services

The December issue of Intelligent Sourcing is starting to take shape, and among the things exciting us quite a lot is the impact of social media. Our editor once wrote a book or two on social media (Google if you like but they’re five and eight years old respectively so way, way out of date) so it’s of particular interest to him.

One interviewee in particular is keen to stress the impact of social networking on the buying decision. People considering entering a partnership with an outsourcing company of some sort no longer stick exclusively to case studies or what the partner puts on its website; nobody is going to put any bad stuff out there anyway.

So the trick is to sift through absolutely everything – every mention, every piece of sentiment, judge whether someone is complaining because they have an axe to grind or whether there really was a problem at some stage. Oh, and to keep an eye on all social media and other content.

Sounds impossible? It may not be. Have a look at our next issue, out in early December, to find out more.

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