So what is CX anyway?

A great piece in econsultancy asks the very pertinent question: what is customer experience (CX)? We’ve had similar round table discussions at Intelligent Sourcing magazine and there’s no easy answer. Yes, we all know when we’ve had a good (or bad) experience but what does this CX stuff actually amount to when you’re responsible for providing it?

The article is worth reading but for us, here are a few pointers when you’re specifying systems for your CX partner:

  • Overdelivery: within reason, do more than your customer is going to expect.
  • Relationship: even the most basic CRM packages can keep track of your history with a client – use them!
  • Consistency: This is particularly important when a client is dealing with your business across different touch points. Is the phone as friendly/helpful as the email, the social media?
  • Innovation: Consistency is one thing but is the client still dealing with you in the same way they did two years ago – and is the competition advancing while the experience of dealing with you is staying static?
  • Cost per transaction: The bottom line for a lot of corporates is to drive this down – but if you’re using cost alone as a criteria you could be missing out on some excellent opportunities for innovation and shared best practice.
  • Measurability: Ultimately the CX investment has to be justifiable to the board. This means measure, measure, measure.

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