Sitel finds a new shore

Last night Intelligent Sourcing held one of its thoroughly enjoyable dining club events in London. The theme was chatbots and the co-host was Sitel; we had guest speaker Dr. Nicola Millard from BT and there was a lot of focus on the changing needs of the contact centre and customer.

There will be a full write-up in the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing, out in September. In the meantime it’s worth sharing some thoughts from Sitel itself; speaker Vanessa Boudin-Lestienne, general manager and co-founder, The Social Client, made a great deal of the new concept of “botshoring”.

We’ve had offshore, nearshore, rightshoring and now this. The idea is that the software robots that operate increasingly in the contact centre industry no longer have a “shore” as such, so “botshore” is as good a wayto describe this as any.

Of course a lot of it is about marketing and coming up with a snappy phrase; if the robots don’t have a shore you could argue that we don’t need another concept with “shore” attached.

But we’re rather attached to it and you can expect to see quite a lot of it as the publication moves forward. It’s better than the editor’s “Irrelevant-shore” when the shoring doesn’t matter; botshore it’s going to be for a while, for sure.

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