Shared services set to grow

The global shared services market looks set to increase by 15.4% between now and 2023, according to a report from HTF Market Intelligence reflected in Digital Journal. Given the four-year timeframe you could argue that’s pretty middling growth.

The coverage reads a little like a translation (and it may well be) but a couple of things jump out at us. First, middling though the projection may be, it’s growth at a time in which the western world is going through some of the most tumultuous change within living memory – and your editor remembers the Berlin Wall coming down. Realistic prospects of growth at a time like this have to be good.

Related to this, however, is the instability in the world right now. Planet Earth plc hasn’t actually fallen to pieces due to the advent of Donald Trump as many predicted, and although there are concerns, Brexit is pretty much a one-country concern. But where each event (and the rise of populism/nationalism in other countries) goes for the rest of the next few years is currently looking like anybody’s guess. The possibilities at the moment appear to include Trump’s impeachment, Trump’s dismissal by his own party, Trump’s exoneration, Trump re-elected by a landslide in 2020, Trump losing 2020, Brexit deal failing to pass through Parliament a second time, Brexit deal passing, second Brexit referendum (which may or may not end up with a repeat of the 48/52 divide of the 2016 model), general election, Britain coming out of the EU without a deal.

We applaud anyone who wants to make a forecast at a time like this. We’d just be a bit cautious about it ourselves.

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