Serco slammed in advance over disability contract

This has to be some sort of record. Outsourcing giant Serco, according to the Guardian, has won a contract for the contact centre for Australia’s national disability insurance scheme.

Note the company has won the business, hasn’t started yet, nothing actually happening just now. Except the country’s National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) appears to be pretty annoyed because of the company’s history elsewhere. It says, in the story, that it has no idea of Serco’s capabilities in the disability market and that the users of the service will want to talk to people rather than some sort of impersonal contact centre.

There certainly has been criticism of Serco from public sector watchdogs in the past, but we take the view that you could always hope the company had listened and learned from it. What’s really galling is the idea of criticising the company simply for winning the contract – there is no suggestion that there have been any difficulties with its operation yet.

If a company proves insensitive and ends up offering a poor service to anyone with a disability, Intelligent Sourcing won’t shirk from reporting it. But guys, maybe give them a chance to actually start before the barracking begins?

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