Santos hands tech to Tata

Oil and gas*specialist Santos has entered a cost-cutting deal with TCS so that the Indian giant handles the company’s IT support. The deal is part of an overall cost cutting exercise, and it will hit between 50 and 100 employees, says IT News.

The specifics are not being divulged by either party and it looks as though IT News found out about it rather than receiving an actual press release. The transition to a full-blown outsourced IT service, says the report, will be complete by February.

Intelligent Sourcing makes the usual point about best practice not being exclusively about cutting costs, although if costs weren’t part of the package then few outsourcing deals would get off the ground.

We also query the need for secrecy. Not that it’s anybody else’s business particularly, but if you want people to think you’re being open and honest then actually being open is often a good start.

*The illustration on this news item is a generic picture of an oil refinery; we should make it clear for reasons of accuracy that we have no idea whether it’s anything to do with Santos.

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