Sanders makes sourcing gaffe

Former Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders – who gave way to Hillary Clinton who, you might remember, was certain to win only this time last year – has had an embarrassing lapse of memory, reports the Washington Free Beacon. It involved outsourcing, which is of course why it appears on this page.

It seems Sanders shares one thing in common with Donald Trump: he’s not a fan of outsourcing (where “outsourcing” is held to be identical to “offshoring”, we assume neither of them minds particularly when the Midwest does OK from…er…outsourcing). And he suggested working with Senator Joe Donnelly in Indianapolis, Indiana, to combat it.

What he forgot – or rather what the report likes to pretend he forgot in a bid to bring it to everybody’s attention again – is that Donnelly himself has done well from private company Stewart Superior, which outsources a lot of its jobs to Mexico. This is ironic because some of Donnelly’s own campaign rhetoric (he’s up for re-election shortly) is very anti taking jobs to Mexico.

Overall Intelligent Sourcing is pretty neutral on this. Maybe Sanders just didn’t know about Donnelly’s investment, maybe Donnelly’s been keeping it quiet to avoid embarrassment. What we do know is the sooner people stop thinking that one sort of sourcing is better in and of itself in every circumstance, and starts looking at the thing in the round – so that elements like impact sourcing and benefit sourcing as well as domestic outsourcing can play their part – the more ethical deals we’re likely to see, deals which will benefit the largest possible number of stakeholders.

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