Rural Sri Lanka enters BPO fray

The race for “who’s the best BPO location” has taken another turn with the Sri Lankans having an event hosted by the British Government (for details see News.LK, which is understandably playing up its country’s prospects).

The theme of the event at the British High Commission was “Help Sri Lanka for a better future” and unlike some of the events we attend at Intelligent Sourcing, the focus was very much on impact sourcing. This is (for people newer to the market) when the business case has to be pretty unassailable but the impact on a community or the environment is very much part of the deal.

(This is of course implicit in most deals – when we were out in Jamaica a couple of weeks ago the inward investment team was making solid business undertakings but it was well aware that a thriving commercial environment was likely to improve living standards, help encourage gifted Jamaicans to stay in their own country rather than emigrate as soon as they could and soforth).

In 2013 and 2014, the High Commissioner pointed out, the country was nominated as one of the best countries to adopt as a partner by the National Outsourcing Association (now GSA) in the UK.

We’re beginning to suspect that an awful lot of countries are getting quite good at this.

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