Romania stakes claim as location

We’ve been writing a fair amount on Jamaica’s prospects as a location in the BPO industry lately – and now Romania appears to be setting its stall out, at least if this clipping from International Business Times is anything to go by.

In fairness, there’s nothing dramatically new about Eastern European countries staking their claim as locations. The Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association is well established and of course anyone who hasn’t got Poland in their sights as an outsourcing location leader just isn’t paying attention.

The IBT piece is noticeable for a number of reasons, though. Unlike some other sources it isn’t relentlessly upbeat about how wonderful the prospects are for outsourcing it acknowledges the market has dropped 30% since 2014 (we assume this refers to large scale outsourcing, the same as Intelligent Sourcing covers). It acknowledges India’s sheer weight of numbers, making it an undisputed leader.

It focuses, however, on Romania’s people and their skills, also its location as a nearshore place for European operations and also from the infrastructure and logistical angles. These make perfect sense; we’re guessing the difficulty for the country will not be to compete with the Asian giants but to continue to establish its niche in the CEE region.

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